Tuesday 1/12
Introduction to the Class
Key Concepts:  Race, Social construction

Authenticity, What is race?

Listen in class:
Is Obama a Black man?

thursday 1/14
Social Constructions: Racial Formations
Lecture on Social Construction of Race

Key Concepts continued: Authenticity, Race, Social construction

Concept Maps

Readings Due Today:

Racial Formations – Michael Omi and Howard Winant

Staples “Race isn’t so Black and White”

Journal Assignment due today 1/14 : Identify a quote or fact from each reading that surprises you, bothers you, or strikes you as particularly interesting. Write three sentences about why it is interesting, strange or puzzling or bothersome to you. Do this for BOTH readings. As best you can, connect the readings with your own media viewing/experiences. PLEASE POST UNDER ASSIGNMENTS.

Tuesday 1/19
Social Constructions of Blackness
View in class:
“I know Black People” from Chapelle’s Show
For any students adding late: be sure to do reading for 1/14 and turn in journal

In Class Writing : How does the clip “I know Black People” shown in class, reflect the idea of Social Construction, as discussed in class, and described by Omi and Winant in “Racial Formations.”

Thursday 1/21

Lecture: What is Whiteness?

bell hooks” Representing Whiteness in the Black Imagination hooksarticlewhiteness

Comments Due 1/21 under assignments 1 paragraph (5 sentences or more): Respond to the ways that hooks characterizes whiteness. What surprises you? What intrigues you? What is familiar or unfamiliar about her perspective?

Thursday 9/10

Social Construction of Whiteness

Reading:  “Stuff that White People like

Read and be prepared to discuss one full entry. Print out the entry and at least some of the four or five  comments (some have hundreds, so you don’t need to print them all. We will go around so be prepared!

Please be ready to write about and or discuss in class:

a) How does this site (and the specific item you chose) comment on and participate in the social construction of whiteness?

b) How does humor work in this website? How is this different from, or the same as the humor in “I know Black People”

c) Optional, but encouraged: add your own comment to “stuff white people like” website.

Also–different groups will be assigned different chapters of Arlene Davila’s  Latino’s Inc: The Making and Marketing of a People in class.


Social Constructions of Latinidad


Bring your notes–you will be teaching your classmates about what you learned in the chapter you read.

Journal Assignment Due today, Answer ONE of the following:

a) How does Davila’s methodology (what she did) affect her findings?

b) How would you summarize what she learned about the social construction of Latino Identity?  PLEASE POST UNDER ASSIGNMENTS.

NO CLASS January 28: Meet with your groups to work on commercials


KnowlegesChapter twoLatinosInc

Head and Shoulders Gives Good Hair: Dance, Hair and Latina Representation–Priscilla Peña Ovalle


Viva Viagra! Or, How Race Dances Around Erectile Dysfunction 
–Priscilla Peña Ovalle

Today for Class: Be ready to discuss these examples, and to analyze commercials in class in small groups (in class writing to be turned in). Davila’s chapters is still relevant to this discussion, please bring it again.


Students Present Commercial  ( See Assignments.)


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