Introduction to the “War on Terror”

Arab Americans and TV Drama

Outside of class:First Two episodes of Season 1, 24


No Class, prof at conference

Start using library resources to search for articles on hip-hop that are relevant to our concerns (Social Construction, etc.)

Submit the articles to me (in full text) by email by 11/8. I will choose 4 to assign.


Prime Time Arab Americans

Arab Americans in the NY Times


Beyond Beats and Rhymes

Readings Go White Girl: Hip Hop Booty Dancing and the White Female Body

Flygirls. Bitches and Hoes:Notes of a Hip Hop Feminist

Comment under assignments: Identify a quote or fact from each reading that surprises you, bothers you, or strikes you as particularly interesting. Write three sentences about why it is interesting, strange or puzzling or bothersome to you. Do this for BOTH readings. As best you can, connect the readings with your own media viewing/experiences.


Comment Due Today: Write two-three sentences about how each article relates to the arguments in the film. and those discussed in class. For those who missed class, please get the notes.

It’s Got a Nice Beat but What about the Message

Rap Video Cultural Workers Article


Take 10 minutes at the beginning of class (2:30–2:40)

to check in with your group:

If you missed today–join UK, Japanese or Palestinian group–

contact Annie for UK, Tatiana for Palestinian

UK Hip Hop:

Annie, Emily, Kelly


Black British Cultural Studies and the Rap on Gangsta


Fetishized Blackness- Hip Hop and Racial Desire in Contemporary Japan Author(by Nina Cornyetz


Michelle, Irene, Tatiana Some short articles and a documentary





Arabic Hip Hop (See Palestinian Chapter)

Desi/South Asian (2 articles)

Desi Music Vibes- The Performance of Indian Youth Culture in Chicago Author(s)- Gregory Diethrich


Don’t have the list with me so please post as a comment if you can’t find your group members.


Australian hip-hop-as-subculture-copy

Droppin Conscious Beats and Flows: Aboriginal Hip Hop George Stavrias

(Don’t have the list with me so please post as a comment if you can’t find your group members.)

Final Paper assignment distributed and discussed.


Bring in lyrics and thesis draft




screening of Yvonne Welbon film





Final paper due December 11 5pm. May be turned early if you wish. Put a hard copy on my office door mailbox (Young 209) AND  turn it in by email in as a doc (not docx).
To be safe, send as a doc, and a pdf.


2 Responses to “Ideology Case Studies: Hip Hop and the War on Terror 3/25-4/27”

  1. Eunice Heredia Says:

    Who’s in the Japanese group?

  2. Erica May Says:

    Desi group?

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