Response to Julia article

September 30, 2009

Please write a 4-5 sentence response to the article comparing black, white and anonymous responses to Julia. Please post by 9am Thursday, so we can discuss the responses in class.

See you Thursday.


Commercial Analysis

Present in Class on 9/22, Turn in your notes
Prepare a 6-8 minute (2-3 page outline) analysis of a commercial and its social constructions of race.

Your response must answer the following questions:

Choose a character to analyse-how Identify a current commercial:

Analysze Key External traits

-body type

markers of race/class/gender

i.e. type of car, home etc.

Also emotional/affect traits—attitude, accent, behavior, mood etc.

Make an analysis—what are the big ideas in this commercial?

How do they build their message based on stereotypes? Or are they reacting to and criticizing stereotypes? How?

Respond to the ways that hooks characterizes whiteness. What surprises you? What intrigues you? What is familiar or unfamiliar about her perspective?