stuff white people like

August 24, 2009

Read and be prepared to discuss in class one entry in:

Please post which entry you will be discussing here, and summarize how this item participates in the social construction of whiteness.


5 Responses to “stuff white people like”

  1. Gwen Baldwin Says:

    “Stuff White People Like”, contributes to the social construction of whiteness because it categorizes and stereotypes a wide range of topics. The reason why the website is so popular is because it allows people to blog about their own opinions of what white people like, which makes it even worse. However, the reason why the website is so humorous is because white people are the ones who write the articles. I chose #91 San Francisco because I thought analyzing it be easier if I knew the topic well. Everything written in the blog is completely correct. The blog addresses how people from San Francisco believe they are diverse for accepting asians and gay people, but who push black people to the other side of the bridge. They deny the separation when they want to be cool but embrace it everyday by pushing people out.

  2. Katie Cato Says:

    This website socially constructs whiteness because it plays on white stereotypes while at the same time defining what being white means. “Stuff White People Like” suggests that whiteness is more than just a race, it is an attitude, a practice, a mannerism, a collection of common likes and dislikes. It almost suggests that if you are white and do not fit in with at least some of these categories, you are not truly a white person. This is ridiculous because no one should be able to tell you which race you are; however, in society race is sometimes defined by one’s actions rather than one’s genotype. Even in the category I chose, #107 “Self Aware Hip Hop References,” it states that there is a “wrong kind of white people.” Although done with comedy, this website highlights society’s expectations and stereotypes of whiteness.

  3. Ari Lifschutz Says:

    #90 Hosting Dinner Parties:
    The name of the website “Stuff White People Like” say’s it all. It’s social constructing because although it is somewhat of a joke it’s making a list of supposively what white people like to do and explains why it’s true. After reading the write up about why “white people” like to host dinner parties and reading some of the comments it is very relevant that they want you to feel like an outsider if you are not part of this group. At the same time though it’s hard not to laugh because I feel like I know some people who fit right into this category. In retrospect, if someone who was “not” white and held a dinner party, would they be trying to be “white?” The website is quite funny and can bring quite a few laughs but thier are defenitely some boundaries I feel it crosses. In relation to the humor of the Chappelle Show, that show was pure comedy while I feel with certain people their is some seriousness behind this website. In the Chappelle show, I felt like they were trying to portray the ignorance of society. On this website they are actually trying to construct a certain “race.” At the end of the day, this website is still pretty funny but you have to take it with open minded view.

  4. Erica May Says:

    I found “Stuff White People Like” to be very entertaining and funny. It social construsts whiteness through stereotyping activities, forms of media, and lifestyles that a good number of white people tend to take part in and enjoy. Although the idea of pressing these ideas into what a white person should like, I don’t think it should be taken too seriously- the website is clearly a joke. As for the “I know Black People”, it was a little more offensive because the stereotypes were references to things such as derogatory terms, smoking, rights of black people, and other ideas that are more negative.
    #125 Bob Marley: I thought this was one that was worked into the humor of the site mostly because the majority of people (of any race) would agree with this idea that all white people go through a Bob Marley phase sometime in their life. In addition to this, the stereotype of white people combining Bob Marley, smoking, and some kind of outdoor acitivity/location such as music festivals leads to the idea of a lifestyle- one that is very common, and that is why it is so funny.

  5. Irene Ruiz Dacal Says:

    I was just searching for the homework due this Tuesday and found this old assignment. The item I looked at was #99 Grammar. I chose this entry because, as an English major, grammar is one of my favourite things in the world. However, I had never thought of it as characteristic or unique in the construction of whiteness. To go along with what was discussed in class, I feel that characterising grammar as “white” makes it reinforce the idea of “whiteness” as comprising upper-middle class, liberal and educated people. One of the best quotes in the section was, “If a white person were to catch a mistake in the “New Yorker”, it would be a sufficient reason for a large party”. I feel like this statement is making three assumptions. First, that the white person is educated and a grammar stickler. Second, that he/she reads the New Yorker; and, third, that he/she would throw a party for something of admittedly little importance. All these help reinforce the ideas previously mentioned; and thus characterise “whiteness” as educated and possessing cultural capital.

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