Journal Due 1/20

August 27, 2009

Answer one of the following two questions (and be ready to discuss both in class)

How does Davila’s methodology (what she did) affect her findings?

How would you summarize what she learned about the social construction of Latino Identity?


stuff white people like

August 24, 2009

Read and be prepared to discuss in class one entry in:

Please post which entry you will be discussing here, and summarize how this item participates in the social construction of whiteness.

Journal Entry Due 1/14

August 24, 2009

Journal Assignment due 1/14 : Identify a quote or fact from each reading that surprises you, bothers you, or strikes you as particularly interesting. Write three sentences about why it is interesting, strange or puzzling or bothersome to you. Do this for BOTH readings. As best you can, connect the readings with your own media viewing/experiences.